Whoopee Love!!!

Posted Monday March 28, 2016 by HunHud

Whoopee Love!!!

This post is dedicated to Hunter’s one and only love of his favorite blanket, aka-whooppee.

Let me give the gruesome details of his beloved whoopee, that is now over 10 years old as well. The name as we have given it, is known from the movie, Mr. Mom. Their middle son has a beat up “whoopee”, where the name actually comes from, couldn’t tell ya.

This was given as a baby shower gift to be his receiving blanket from is Grandma. I was with Grandma and we picked it out together, because of how incredibly soft it was. One side was like soft as a cloud, (no, I don’t know exactly a cloud feels like, but just go with it) and the other side soft as satin. I have bought other blankets that seem as similar as his, but NOPE!!! Not having it!

This blanket had to be wrapped around him at birth and then brought home so that our over anxiety cat wouldn’t have issue when we actually brought him home. So already, a special blanket right? Well, the hospital also provided a nice soft two sided blanket as well, so we had a back up. However, this is the one he got attached to and just can’t live without. #hisbelovedwhoopee

Here a couple of funny stories that this blanket has experienced:

**Dropped and left at WalMart – we got home and it was nap time and realized no WHOOPEE!! OMG….find phone, find receipt, find phone number, call, keep calm, explain and HOPE and PRAY someone turned it in, because I couldn’t even begin to tell you where he dropped it. Kind of like that shoe they kick off and you didn’t notice it forever and you don’t know how long you’ve been walking around with that kicked off shoe!! ?Anyone else experience that?

**Left behind at a friends house that we’ve stayed at too long and we want him to have his own comfy whoopee to keep him calm, so that we can hang just a bit longer. But, the one time he’s not taking us to the door, and he starts to play again, and we forget about that whoopee when it’s already way past bed time, but OH, we must have this whoopee before he’ll be able to go to bed. So, yes back to our friends, which I’m sure have already gotten themselves ready for bed, but sorry…you must get our son’s whoopee and at least put it on your porch….okay lesson learned, make sure you have his whoopee before leaving our friends house…..Got it!

**Last one I’ll share….the beloved whoopee is lost!! However, here’s what’s so funny…..Hunter typed in his ipad…Woody. He’s into Toy Story right now and was still when this happened sometime last year. He put his hands up to his eyes like he holding binoculars, which is sign language for “look”, so of course, I’m like “what Woody”, “which Woody”, he had so many different Woody’s, that it was beyond me on what/when/where/which Woody he was talking about. This went on for a few days of “What Woody”? Drove me so crazy, that I even took him to Toy’s R Us for this Woody that he’s talking about. ?We walked all over Toy’s R Us trying to find his Woody. Came up empty.

Oh, the devastation I felt of not being able to figure out his Woody issue. Totally defeated! A couple of days goes by and I’m cleaning up his room and straightening up his stuffed animals all over his bed, AND, I was like “where’s his whoopee”? ?AND….OMG….he’s been asking for his WHOOPEE….not WOODY!!! ?He’s been asking for his precious beloved whoopee.

I started searching everywhere. Couldn’t find it, when he got home, I asked him, where’s your whoopee? And he put his hands up and shrugged. And then did the hands up to his eyes to have us look. ?We walked the house looking and panic set in wondering if the couch we gave away had it stuffed in the cushions. Asked his daddy if he’s seen it, nope…..Okay, breathe…..let’s think it over. Looking everywhere even in every cushion of our couch because he likes to shove toys, books and movies in our other couch that we had upstairs, no luck! Thinking off all the different places he goes and plays with his ipad in the house, FINALLY……a sign of relief and excitement when I finally discovered it had fallen behind our cedar chest in our bedroom.

HALLELUJAH over and over again was playing in my head!!! Which leads me to these pictures below.

On Saturday, he came to me and showed me that he had a gotten a spot of blood on it from a small nose bleed. He has a small nasal cavity and it gets dry, especially seasonally. So, of course, I said “let’s wash it, Bud”, straight over to the washing machine, and he likes to do it all, but I do the soap. Started it and watched it throughout the cycles, not the whole time if you’re wondering. As soon as the music plays that it’s done, he’s all over it to put it in the dryer. He learned how to fold it at a local summer camp a couple of years ago.

I started whelping up with tears the minute I saw what he typed!!! I’m sooooo proud too Bud!!!

IMG_8154 IMG_8155 IMG_8156IMG_8157

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