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This is probably the best laugh out loud moment I’ve had with Hunter. ?It was one of those I was trying to scold, but then he types this in his iPad.


But, let me tell you how this transpired….I had told Hudson that he could stay and play after school at the school playground. ?I still have to pick up Hunter, so,?him and I run to the post office to drop off ?several U.S.A.utism Flag orders. ?We got done super fast, so I asked Hunter if he wanted to get his Sonic gift card and go get an ice cream. ?He was all in….we pull up at home and I tell him to go upstairs and get his gift card.

I knew he had put it up there from his OT center who had given it to him for his birthday a couple of weeks ago. ?Well, a couple of minutes goes by and he still hasn’t come back to the car, so I get out and go inside to see what he’s doing. ?Well, he was doing his picture find from the night before that he didn’t finish. ?Phhhbbbttt.

I asked him where’s your gift card? ?He just shrugged, so I said oh, I guess you lost it. And that was that. ?No melt down, no big ordeal about it, I thought, hmmm, that was easy.

I left to go get Hudson and then came home and a good hour goes by and Hunter brings me his iPad that said, “Sonic ice cream”, I told him not now….it’s too close to dinner time, we can go after dinner. ?Again, I ask him…..Where’s your gift card?

He runs upstairs, and I thought he was going to give me the sign to help him look, but he then comes running down the stairs with a big smile and his Sonic Gift Card!! ?He might not understand the concept of money, but he understands the concept of gift cards and not to lose them!

So, I told him, “go show daddy the gift card, AND, maybe if you ask daddy we can take the “Grand National” for a family outing for ice cream”, it was a gorgeous evening last night. ?YES, all right we’re all agreed for after dinner-Sonic-Ice Cream-Got-it-Good.

However, we still had to get brother to TKD, and his brother still had to come home after class, shower, and eat dinner before we’re even going to Sonic mind you…..Sonic can’t get here soon enough for Hunter. Poor Hunter, he has to wait on the whole rest of his family before we can do what he wants….that’s like fooooooooooooreeeeeeeeveeeeerrrrr!! ?Because we NEVER do what he wants- ever! ?Right!!

So back to why “That’s Not Funny”……as we are wrapping up dinner, and I?made it even faster by using paper plates. ?I was done with what was on my plate, but was going back to the counter for seconds, and Hunter took my plate from me and was like playing keep away and the trash can was his partner! ?Yes, Hunter and the trash can won….I looked at him, and he smiles, giggles and looks me straight in the eyes as he doing it. ?As he is staring at me, I say” That’s not funny”, that’s not funny at all Hunter, I wasn’t done, I wanted more.

Well, he types his response?and shows it to Daddy, and I hear him say ” show that to mommy”. ?Hunter brings it over to me, and I couldn’t help but bust out laughing!! ?He was making a joke and I couldn’t stop laughing when I was trying to be disciplining him for not listening. ?Yes,?I got the tears rolling down my face, biggest laugh out loud, funny ever!! Go Hunter!

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