Spring Break Wrap Up!

Posted Saturday March 12, 2016 by HunHud

Spring Break Wrap Up!

Wow…Spring Break came and went just that fast. It all started with me not feeling well on Sunday evening, but I didn’t have the flu, just felt run down. I wanted to loose my cookies, but didn’t. Let me set more of a mood…..Big storms, lots of rain, power outages and it’s only the first actual day of spring break….wow, jealous, right?

Well, another day to waking up to gray skies, rain, AND……., Hunter, tossing his cookies, not once, twice, but yes a good 3 times before he worked himself up to a nap. I can’t remember the last time he napped during the day. Poor baby wore himself out.

And, it doesn’t end there….Hudson tosses his cookies early the next morning, so if you’re following along….it’s Wednesday already. A wonderful portion of my morning was cleaning dried, stuck to the carpet, night before hot dog, chips and popcorn because the ceiling fan was still on. I know you’re really jealous now!

So, both boys ended up pretty much staying in bed the entire hump day of spring break. So far, it’s been one amazing spring break. I’m having a hard time with how early it seemed to have come this year. It seems to be almost a full week before the norm, which isn’t a huge span of time, but generally Hunter’s birthday always falls in the week of spring break and can’t remember ever having his actual birthday fall on a school day….and I can’t believe he’s almost 10.

Thursday, finally everyone is feeling good and Hudson gets to go play with his best friend and have a sleep over, and Hunter gets to go have at Cutting Edge Pediatric Therapy. He thinks it’s lots of fun and loves going, so it’s a win win. He gets great occupational therapy, and we see huge improvements in his wanting to communicate. Plus it’s such a blessing that he wants to go, there’s never a fight or battling him to go. Oh, but the insurance, boy that’s another post all in itself.

TGIF….Hudson got to hang with his best friend roller skating, and Hunter and I got to have our date day, which consisted of Wendy’s for lunch, Motion Wave ride at Strikz, Cutting Edge, and a wonderful night with H.A.S. families in the suite for the Texas Legends basketball game. Still having the gray skies and drizzle, but overall a great day.

I feel like a little kid, because I am excited to see the movie Zootopia in the morning. I think kid animated movies are just awesome and I’m glad they make it entertaining for the parents and so entertaining for the kids. Check back in a couple days, I’ll let ya know if Zootopia was worth seeing in the theater or wait for dvr.

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