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Ever since Hunter was little, he loved to swing….In our old house, we had an arbor that we hung a swing on that we bought from Home Depot…..it was like a car set, meaning like NASCAR, like what Tony Stewart drove. The sticker decals even had his number on there, but Hunter could have cared less what it looked like or where it came from, he loved it and I have a great picture that shows the love for that?swing. But, here’s even an older picture that will show you proof of his love to swing.

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Being a stay at home mom has made it fortune it enough that I was able to go to the park on a nice day and meet up for playdates at parks, however I always had to push Hunter. From baby swings on up to the big size ones, and it even seems last year at the park by us, I was pushing him and saying….Hunter, legs OUT, legs IN….out…in…..out….in, over and over and over again. They like repetition, right? And he would try….he would stick them out and back in a few times when I would say it, but for whatever reason, he wouldn’t keep it going and then he would of course come to a dead stop and want me to push again.

Not that I mind pushing, but I would like for him to get it and do it. It’s not like it a strenuous exertion of energy to swing, but he just didn’t really want to do it. Kind of like going to the grocery store and he still wants to sit in the cart….LOL, you realize that’s like pushing myself in the cart with 40 lbs weights in it, and trying to load groceries. Loads of fun all around. Lately, he likes to help with my grocery list….he likes to hold it and then cross off what we’ve gotten, and he lets me know what is still left to get. I do see lots of growing up in him and “getting it” more.

I think ASD moms know what “getting it” means. It’s like that Ah Ha moment, when your child does something you’ve been telling him to do over and over again. I try sometimes to figure it out, but generally we don’t even care and move on to something else that we can try to have that Ah Ha moment with.

And….I had just that on Saturday……..We were at a friends daughters birthday party, and the whole morning looked like it was going to rain out, but it ended up being a great day. The park was amazing. It had a big kid play area with some big slides, a kids area, a climbing area with a great cushy floor, splash pad, swing area, and a covered picnic area. Hunter took to the swings right away, and I got behind him to push. I pushed only like 3 times and told him again, the legs out, legs in…..he started to do it and I did a couple of more pushes, but then let him do by himself, and he was indeed doing it by himself.

I didn’t get to over excited since he was swinging, because sometimes I get excited with him about something and he will cover his ears and run away from me. Other times, he wants a double high five and being on the swing was not one of those days I was going to find out. I did let him know he was doing it all by himself, and of course “good job Hunter”. He was having so much fun he forgot about his iPad and just enjoyed the park. He did the swing several times and I was wondering if he was going to have me get him started on the swing each time, but a big NOPE, all on his own….and loving it!!

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