Never Underestimate!!!

Posted Friday March 04, 2016 by HunHud

Never Underestimate!!!

I had been thinking for days, the first item I wanted to share with everyone for our first blog on our brand new website.

And, I honestly have a great story and product to share, so definitely stayed tuned to our blogs for some great info, opinions, thoughts, advice and maybe a few laughs.

As my day came to and end, I thought to myself, what I did learn today?

And, the conclusion that wraps ups my day is to never underestimate your child or yourself for that matter.

It was a full day. Let me paint the picture of how the day is so full…….Special Olympics Basketball, then a quick lunch, back to the school for his ipad, then off to shop for a birthday present, Occupational Therapy, back to the store, out for family birthday dinner……phew both kiddos finally in bed for one last day before Spring Break Week.

I actually enjoy now that the boys are growing up and understand vacation and to not have the hustle and bustle of daily school morning routine. I enjoy the break too.

So, back to why I learned to never underestimate my kid. While shopping for this birthday present, of course I should have gotten a basket, but thought, nah, I can get it with my hands. But, conveniently, located at the end of one of the isles I saw a few hand baskets….YES, that’s all I needed, but let me set some of this stuff right here on this end cap, so that I don’t drop a few things….Hunter, please go get mommy a basket down there……as he looks at me and starts walking that way, does he really understand me, because he honestly doesn’t look as though he understood my request.

He was pretty focused on his ipad, and kind of looking in different directions, and I’m directing him to exactly where they are, but still I don’t think he understands that basket I’m asking for because he’s never seen me carry one like it before, so there’s no way he gets what I’m asking for…..

well, I was way wrong…

He gets to end of the isle, bends down and grabs the carry basket, without me even having to give him more than the one request to just get a basket…

I didn’t need to say anything more, but why did I feel as though, I needed to say…it’s the red one, on the ground, at the end, to your right, with a handle……I believe he knew at my first simple request of “I need a basket”, and when he brought it to me with a smile and then gave me a high five….and looked at me with total confidence of…yeah, mom, I heard ya the first time!

Never underestimate what they really do know and understand.


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