Independence and Snaplaces!

Posted Thursday March 31, 2016 by HunHud

Independence and Snaplaces!

Hunter loves, I mean loves his crocs. Mama not the biggest fan, but knows how comfortable they are, so I don’t blame him one bit. However, tennis shoes are needed for certain activities and he has broken a few pairs just due to over activity from not being totally stationary on his feet.

He has been doing really well in crocs up until just this 4th grade year, he had decided that he enjoys PE more than he enjoy’s his specials of art and music, so the wonderful school he attends, can accept and appreciate that he will succeed in where he will best feel his “specials”. He loves physical activity, and this year they were doing football and they requested I get him some tennis shoes.

Frown…he’s in an adult mens 10 shoes already. ?AND, he had a super wide foot, AND, he still has a high arch on the top of his foot, which is supposed to go away at some point, but I’m not sure when.

So, can anyone figure out my dilemma? Well, if you guessed they don’t make adult size 10 shoes with Velcro, then you were right, with all the bells and whistles going off! And, actually, I am wrong…..they do make adult Velcro tennis shoes, but they’re not COOL! I think senor citizens wear them. Yes, actually I know they do, because I did lots of volunteer work for the Geriatric Wellness Center. And, Hunter’s only 10, tall and big 10 foot too. So Sketchers with Velcro from Stride Rite no more.

But, I found him a pair that would get him by for a little bit. My husband, Chad, said look into these “Snaplaces”, so I did just that. ?I contacted them, and they are sponsoring this post. We’ve had the pleasure of testing out these babies and they are a “hallelujah” for a kids feeling of independence.

Hunter has his school schedule down and when it’s time for PE, he goes straight over to his cubby and get’s his tennis shoes out, puts them on and “snaplaces” them up. He only needed to be shown once. I asked the teachers if he had a hard time and they said nope, first try, absolutely no problems…..what? I gotta see this….and I need it for my post……Can you please send me a video!! Short, sweet and simple, but you get the simplicity after watching it.

Hunter with Snaplaces VideoSnapLaces_AirMax

“Hunter was able to use “Snaplaces” with incredible ease. These were a game changer for him and our family!” I wanted to make sure I could promote this to our “special needs”community. Well, not only can I spread my love for the “Snaplaces” for Hunter’s independence, but we then tried a pair with our neuro-typical 7 year old, younger brother, Hudson, and he too benefits strongly from them. Anyone and Everyone can enjoy them.

They have an amazing amount of colors to choose from, they ship super fast, and they were super easy to follow the instructions to lace them in your shoes.?We truly wanted to?recommend these amazing “Snaplaces” and so much so, that we were able to partner up with “Snaplaces” with our very own Hunter’s Autism Specials and “Snaplaces” website.

Please share this website to all your family and friends and your?support on any orders you do place, will be giving back to our foundation and community.

“Snaplaces” is donating a portion of the proceeds to Hunter’s Autism Specials foundation. So, thank you again to “Snaplaces” for sponsoring this post and also, for helping give back to the community.


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