Hunter’s Double Digits!!

Posted Wednesday March 16, 2016 by HunHud

Hunter’s Double Digits!!

I know that you guys haven’t been with my life the last 10 years of Hunter’s life, but let me tell you a small mini story of our gentle soul.

Hunter came into our world on 3/15/2006, weighing in at 9 lbs. 5 oz. and scheduled 12 days early via c-section. Everything about him was beyond amazing. Slept through the night great, ate healthy, not very fussy, for sure routine driven though, met all his milestones, but ONE, one big one…..Words….where were his words? Pedi a tiny bit concerned, but boys start talking later, because he did babble a lot, so nothing too major yet.

Play dates were never hard and never a big issue, he didn’t always play with the kids, but kids don’t always play together, they just take each other’s toys, right…..but not really Hunter, he would be interested in things that spun around, like wheels, liked to line up cars, or certain toys….and you could pretty much tell when Hunter was around because everything that had wheels, were on it’s side. Strange that still never jarred the fact that there’s something different about him.

By 2 1/2 we were a little more on the “why” doesn’t he have true words yet, was it because he can’t hear properly, because when daddy would sneeze he would start to cry, and he could hear a pin drop, OR when he was born, his vocal cords weren’t fully developed and that’s why when he would drink from his bottle, he sounded like he was communicating with the dolphins. ……Yes, of course. But, let’s get him evaluated and start ECI right away… flags point to Autism.


These 10 red flags, could determine that your child may have “Autism”….Hunter had 3 out of the 10 red flags. I spoke to my girlfriends about some of the red flags that I noticed and of course they came back with oh, my nephew used to do that, or my cousin did that and so, again, could he be? We made the appointment, had him diagnosed and he was officially diagnosed with PDD-NOS. At the time he was just given the Pervasive Development Delay-Not Otherwise Specified. We were told by the Dr. “he’s high functioning”….okay, great, what does that mean?

We had no idea what that meant until we watched an actual documentary of 4 families with severely Autistic children, as we bawled through the whole documentary, we then, found out the meaning of “high functioning”.

As Hunter continued to grow up, we did face some serious challenges, but nothing like I know some families have to endure. Hunter stims by flapping his hands. He’s done that since he was able to sit in a stroller….I just always thought he was happy about getting out and about. Even people that saw him flapping would say “boy, he sure is happy to be here”. ?So, he’s always been an extremely happy go lucky boy.

Hunter can laugh, and he has the best gut giggle laugh, that I never want him to lose. He can run, jump, loves to swim and he’s so graceful in the water, play, read, write, and play on his ipad. Boy does he love his ipad. Thank you Steve Jobs for such an amazing gift for our son. As much as I hate that thing and want to throw it out the window because I can’t stand to hear the Mickey Mouse Hot Dog song, it has given him the ability to type out his wants, it’s his voice, it really is his whole world, just like it is for us adults.

We’ve never given Hunter meds for any reason other than a prescription for an ear infection and really bad rash he had once. He has only been to the Dr. outside of a well visit twice. Lots of sensory issues he had when he was younger he has out grown, and I have done nothing to make those issues go away.

I like to take the homeopathic approach as it’s hard to get him to take things, I can’t even mask cough medicine in his juice….he stalks me in the kitchen when I’m making things at times, because I think he realizes when I try to add things…such as flax seed on his pizza. Lol, he watches me like a hawk sometimes. He likes what he likes and doesn’t want me jacking with it, I get it, but when you have a limited menu, a mama’s gotta try, right

I could do without driving all over town to find the old version of “sausage, egg and cheese, hot pockets” and the panics in the morning because we’re out of bananas for his usual breakfast, and will it ruin his day, And, could do without the retailers taking away products that he loves and changing the packaging to New and Improved. It’s like we get enough challenges with our kids, we have to deal with the challenges of retailers too.

But even if your not a mama of a special needs kiddo, we all face different challenges….question is how do you embrace it? I’m still learning and I’m pretty sure Hunter is showing me everyday how.

Time really does fly….I truly can’t believe he’s 10. You hear it all the time, where does the time go They grow up so fast….yes, I remember hearing those words when I was younger, and I’m saying them today. I feel extremely blessed to have such a happy, handsome young boy that’s full of life and laughter!


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