Hunter’s Autism Specials and Studio Movie Grill

Posted Tuesday March 22, 2016 by HunHud

Hunter’s Autism Specials and Studio Movie Grill

Hi guys….I am soo super excited to announce an ongoing partnership with Studio Movie Grill (SMG). ?Last year SMG gave us a discount code for our families to be able to go to the movies for only $5.00.

Well….they’re doing it again for us. ?You can go onto their website and pre purchase tickets for the movie you want to see for only $5.00 a ticket. ?For any show Monday thru Thursday. ?Whoo Hoo! ?Okay, so it’s not the dollar movie, but if you haven’t been to a Studio Movie Grill, then I’m gonna have to say, you are missing out!

The Colony location has been completely renovated and it is soooo super nice….nice big seats that lean back, big arm rests on each side-no more fighting over the arm rests, call button for ordering and you can order throughout your entire movie, great big menu, great food-?their sweet chili thai wings….Amazing!, and of course whatever great movie you might be interested in….they always have all the new and current movies showing.

They also have “special needs” screenings, where they don’t turn the lights off, they are dimmed and the sound isn’t as loud. ?You can find that on their website as well, they list it on their calendar.

And, we would like to make it clear and known that you do not need to have your child there to be able to purchase ticket or see the movie at a discount….use the code for a date night, girls night, whatever night you wanna call it!

Thank you to SMG for understanding some financial strains we families face on day to day basis. ?We feel blessed that they are willing to help out the special needs?community!

So, the code you need to use when purchasing your tickets is: SMG2016

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