Case of the Monday’s?

Posted Monday March 21, 2016 by HunHud

Case of the Monday’s?

Do you get a case of the Monday’s? I know that Hunter understands “Monday”, he know that there’s school.

He doesn’t mind school at all. Sometimes I think it does get to him, but for the most part, he has great days at school.

I get great reports from school that he’s a had great day. I think he is starting the grasp the concept of days of the week.

I am going to believe that when he’s looking at the weekly calendar that is on the fridge, and he’s pointing to Wednesday, when he gets to go to “Cutting Edge”, that Wednesday can’t get here fast enough just like any other kid that’s excited about something coming up. He doesn’t see his OT (Occupational Therapy) as therapy at all, which is wonderful. He has made some amazing strides, and I can see many changes.

Hunter has been going there for about a year, but he still loves to go, which is awesome. Chad worked for three months fighting to get him to be able to go to the therapy center that your child will succeed at, not just because they’re not on our plan is an amazing battle that can be shared in a completely different post. When your son types out on his ipad, “Cutting Edge”, you better believe his daddy did everything in his powers to make it happen for his son!

So, today, I did tell Hunter that he would have a 3 day weekend, because “No school” on Friday, for it being Good Friday. He keeps typing in his ipad, 3 days no school, and then I have to go thru the it’s only Monday, bud. There’s still tues, wed, and thurs. of school…. Lol. He has been trying really hard to verbally communicate, so he will sound out the first letter of every word he is trying to say. So he will sound out “n” “sth” for no school. and we can hear that loud and clear. Many times we have to get him to type it out on his ipad because we can’t understand what he’s trying to sound out. Some of his letters sound the same, and can be very challenging at times.

The one good thing I can say about it, is that, he doesn’t get upset when you can’t understand what he’s trying to say and making him type it out is a big ordeal, so thank goodness for that. I like that he does try to verbally communicate more and I can hear lots and lots of different sounds coming out.

I think it’s funny, how he sometimes hears different things than what we say it is, for example. We had a birthday cake for his Uncles birthday, which wasn’t a cake, it was Monkey Bread. And Hunter got to put his Uncles happy birthday candles on the Monkey Bread Cake. So a month later, he’s typing in Money Bread Cake! LOL….he didn’t hear Monkey, he heard Money.

And to top it off, he doesn’t even eat things like that. He doesn’t eat much sweets at all. He will eat Vanilla ice cream only, Sour Patch Kids, and those thick iced short bread cookies with sprinkles on them from the bakery. AND, Sprite or 7up only soda he will drink.

So, I kind of rambled on about some non important information about Hunter, but comment and let me know if your kids know what the “Case of the Mondays” means.

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